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To register, just enter your information into our database.  This will make it easier for us to know who our volunteers are.  It will also make it easier for you to sign up for a volunteer shift on our job calendar.  Then, you just need to complete and turn in a Volunteer Agreement below.

*All volunteers will be checked on the public, national sex offender registry locate here.

Volunteer Agreement
Adult Volunteer Agreement

Before participating in any volunteer activities at our Yard Sale or on a construction worksite, you MUST fill out and turn in a Volunteer Agreement prior to volunteering.  Just download and print the Volunteer Agreement below and either return it by mail to PO Box 52 Roxboro, NC 27573, hand it in to the leader of your volunteer activity, or scan and email it to  If you are unable to use any of these methods, a Volunteer Agreement will be available at the Yard Sale or construction site for you to complete.

Minor Volunteer Forms
For Minors

If the volunteer is a minor, an adult must fill out and sign the Minor Volunteer Agreement on their behalf.  An adult must also fill out and sign the medical treatment and travel authorization for any minor volunteers.  Both forms are below:

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